Internet measurement for research and education

Dioptra - Data

Internet cartography data

Via our Iris interface, Dioptra provides Internet measurements, for the Internet research community, network operators, regulators, and those interested in cyber-security.

Computer networking courses

Dioptra runs a first year Masters introduction to computer networking course and a second year Masters course on Internet measurements. These both use Dioptra platforms to allow students to conduct real world measurements from vantage points scattered around the world.

The network measurements course is also offered as a MOOC.

Dioptra - Education
Dioptra - Platforms

Platforms for Internet research

Dioptra operates two research platforms:


A globally distributed edge cloud for Internet researchers.
EdgeNet is based on industry-standard cloud software; Docker for containerization and Kubernetes for deployment and node management. If you know how to use Docker and Kubernetes, you know how to use EdgeNet!


A system for launching active measurements from distributed vantage points across the Internet.

Open source tools developed by our team

Dioptra develops and maintains free open source software:

Paris traceroute

An improved version of the well-known network diagnosis and measurement tool that can trace all of the load balanced routes between a source and a destination.


Kubernetes extensions for the edge cloud.

Please see our GitHub repository.

Dioptra - Tools
Dioptra - Research

Research on Internet measurement and edge cloud

Dioptra conducts research on internet measurement and the edge cloud.
Our publications can be found on HAL.